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Hooks and Hooligans is dedicated to providing the most current, reliable and pertinent Fire Service training/material to date. We serve as a training network allowing fire departments who have limited resources to have continuing education opportunities via social media and the world wide web. We also provide hands on training and class room lectures by state certified Instructors to help increase firefighter safety & survival, on & off of the fire ground. We have an obligation as brothers and sisters to give back, not only to the citizens we serve, but those who serve our citizens.

Please contact us if you are interested in contributing to H&H and becoming part of our team. You can also fill out this form for general questions about advertising advertising rates and general questions.

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  1. FYI H&H
    USDA Forest Service. Not. Forestry Service

  2. In reply about where have firefighters gone? I work in Mt Vernon ny (29 yrs) USAF FD (20yrs) and have seen my share of Fires/emergencys. What I have noticed with some of these new thought fire officers about exterior only ops was that they were never inside fighting a fire. Yard breathers at best but good test takers. Lucky sat has produced many new inexperienced fire officers. These are the guys yelling n screaming on th fire ground. The guy who isn’t wet or dirty at the end of the day. Cowards with no respect from the troops at all. Sad route we are going in! Be safe JC

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