Every April firefighters from across the country make the pilgrimage to the city, known to all, as just “Indy”. FDIC is THE conference to attend for firefighter education and to buy…stuff. Personally, I have made the 3 hour trek north well over 20 times and learned a few facts along the way.


There will be a whole bunch of classes. I mean everything you could ever want to learn about: lectures on table tops, laptops, rooftops, and HazMat ops just like the year before. They will talk about command, demands, and the “customer” is our biggest fan–just like last year. There will be instructors from across the country to share their vast knowledge on interior, exterior, superior, inferior, and something called protecting your posterior–no different than last year. There will be a huge display of every piece of fire equipment that the human race has ever created. T-shirts that capture every fire slogan you thought would be cool…or not. And it will be the same thing you saw last year. Matter of fact, FDIC is the same old thing year after year…and I love the CHANGE. Here’s why.


There’s going to be firemen. Yes, I said firemen. If you’re offended, I’m talking to you. There’s going to be tons of firemen that share a brotherhood and love of the job unlike anywhere you will find. For that one short week of the year, I can surround myself with men and women that understand what it means to be a fireman. It’s a complete CHANGE from the politics and administrative BS that has clouded our judgment on why we do this job. A change in attitude that is contagious only by engulfing yourself with true firemen that have a desire to learn and be better than they were yesterday. For days I can openly talk about new tactics and new theories without some pencil pushing white helmet saying “this ain’t the FDNY, that won’t work here.” The time I spend among those who “get it” recharges my internal batteries, weakened by the SOP/policy plagued year of past. Brotherhood shared through stories and beer that make you laugh till you cry or cry till you laugh. New friends and old friends sharing time forged from traditions. And that’s the change I love.


FDIC is a part of life as much as any part of the fire service. Creating life long friends and an education that has no price. I look forward to the classes and the show, the friends and the stories, the brotherhood and the fireman…just like last year.


For more information on FDIC 2016 follow the link below


Hooks and Hooligans

Guest Correspondent

Lieutenant Chris Warren

Lexington Fire Department



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