The Iron Fox Axe is one of the newest tools on the market. It touts a weight of 7 1/2 pounds for
both the head and handle, and can be ordered in lengths from 28 inches to 36 inches. This
axe is also available with a notched head to marry your halligan. Each axe is 100% made in
the USA and from tempered high grade tool steel. This tool is one of the most unique tools on
the market for firefighters. This isn’t just another axe, but incorporates the driving power of a
sledgehammer. The Iron Fox Axe has one hell of warranty on the tool and is nearly
indestructible. While talking to the owner, Darin Fox from Phoenix, Arizona, he explained that
he has only replaced it twice under the warranty. Both instances were from uses on materials
not found on any fire ground, so in other words, don’t use the Iron Fox to cut through armor
on a tank.

This is one of the toughest tools we have tested at Hooks and Hooligans. This tool is meant
for any fire department that is looking for driving power and the ability to gain entry. If you are
a USAR team looking to carry less equipment, this Iron Fox will handle a variety of materials.
The Iron Fox axes are available in a flathead or pick head style with either a wooden or a
black synthetic handle. While using this tool we experienced the driving power behind it. We
were able to easily gain entry into metal doors, break apart roofs, and pretty much
destroyed whatever we put it against with ease. We also tested it out on a concrete wall, and it
ate through the concrete causing no damage to the tool but destroying the wall. All of this
power at the cost of $199.95. It is a tool that packs a punch! An optional leather case is also
available for easy carrying.
Darin Fox, owner of Iron Fox Axe, gives us a great history on his background and why he
created the Iron Fox Axe. Mr. Fox stated before he was firefighter, he was an auto mechanic
for Jaguar/Aston Martin, and did some side freelance welding and machine work. He
explained that his knowledge of design, physics, and mechanics was learned from his dad,
who designed missle guidance systems, growing a trait which he accounts as one of his
greatest assets. Darin built some of his own tools as a mechanic and when he became a
fireman, he saw the need to improve the tools that were currently used in the industry. In
almost every emblem of the fire service you see a hose, an axe, or a ladder. The axe is
engrained in the history of the fire service, yet its blade design is functionally useless for most
of what we do. Mr. Fox states, “I love the tradition of the fire service and it bothered me to
see guys abandoning the axe to use a sledge because ‘it cuts better.’ We need a better blade
and that’s what I sought out to make. Not a combination tool covered in gadgetry just
something simple that worked better for everything we use it for. I made the first prototype for
myself in ’09 and from there I worked on putting purpose into every angle and edge in the
design. I didn’t go into production until it was 100% what I wanted. Two years later, I was in
production to satisfy the requests from guys on the job that wanted one too. I’ve grown the
company as the demand for the tools has increased. I’m always going to be a fireman first
though which is why I warranty the tools like I do. I’m hard on tools, I know the brotherhood is
hard on tools and they deserve something that will hold up to that abuse and know that if
there ever was an issue that I stand behind my product. That’s my reputation, everyone in the
fire service understands what it is to put your name on something.”
During our testing we ran into no problems other than exhaustion from having so much fun.
The Iron Fox Axe is a tool that has revolutionized the standard fire axe in a way that will never
be looked at the same way again. We noticed the ease of breaking and cutting due to the
design of the cutting edge, as the edge goes down it sweeps away. The simple yet effective
design allows the tool to deliver more force at the head and not waste the force in the handle.
When you switch to the IRON FOX AXE you will not go back to the traditional fire axe.


This product is Hooks and Hooligans tested and approved. If you would like more information about Iron Fox Axes CLICK HERE for a link to their webpage.

If you would like a product reviewed by Hooks and Hooligans feel free to contact us by email, or message us on Facebook.

As always stay safe and #TrainOn!


Jeffrey Belschwinder
Sr, Staff Correspondent Hooks and Hooligans

Product Writer & Owner of Sidewinder Photography

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