NOW HIRING: City of Ocala Fire/Rescue (FL)

Job Classification: Firefighter/EMT

Job Information

410 NE 3RD ST

Updated: November 19, 2015

Ocala Fire Rescue is currently recruiting for Firefighter/EMT. FireTEAM and CPAT testing must be completed by January 12, 2016.

Candidates must also complete the City application at

Your CPAT and FireTEAM certifications can’t expire and must remain current until the end of the hiring process which is due to end on January 12, 2016.

You must be Firefighter II and EMT certified and employable until the end of the hiring process which is due to end February 1, 2016.

Salary Information: $33,068.00 – $51,104.00 Annually

Benefit Information: The City of Ocala provides a competitive, comprehensive benefit package for all full-time employees. A summary of our benefit program can be found on our website at under the Human Resources link.

Department Information: Ocala Fire Rescue is located in central Marion County, Florida, and has a 125 year storied history protecting the citizens and visitors to Ocala. Ocala Fire Rescue is over 140 personnel, responding to over 15,500 emergency incidents from six fire stations. Ocala Fire Rescue staffs six ALS Engines, four ALS non-transporting Rescues, one Aerial Tower, one Heavy Squad, and an ARFF vehicle for airport response. Ocala Fire Rescue Special Operations include Hazardous Materials, Technical Rescue, Urban Search and Rescue, and SWAT Medic.

City Information: Ocala is located in North Central Florida, in the center of Marion County, with a total area of approximately 39 miles.

Population: 56,000 resident populations. Ocala is the county seat and largest city in Marion County with daytime population exceeding 100,000.

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Job Requirements

High School Grad/GED: Yes

Valid FLORIDA State Driver’s License: Yes, with an acceptable driving record.

Typical Qualifications:
Graduated from high school or GED.
College coursework in EMS, fire, or related fields is desirable.
Current Florida Firefighter Certificate of Compliance, per F.S. 633.34.
Current Florida Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) license.
Current American Heart Association BLS/Healthcare Provider card.
EVOC Certification required.
Current CPAT and FireTEAM test on file with National Testing Network (NTN).
Paramedic preferred.
Must possess and maintain a valid Florida Drivers License with an acceptable driving record.

Driving Disqualifiers:
One conviction within five (5) years prior to employment of any of the following: Voluntary and Involuntary vehicular manslaughter, failing to render aid, or attempting to elude police.
One conviction within three (3) years prior to the date of employment of: DUI, reckless driving, or driver license suspension for failure to submit to DUI testing.
One conviction within three (3) years prior to employment for: Driving while license is suspended or revoked for reasons other than insurance, leaving the scene of an accident, or speeding resulting in an accident.
Six (6) points or greater within three (3) years prior to employment; any two (2) convictions for DUI.
Suspended license with two (2) years prior to employment for: Failure to attend court ordered driving schools or failure to pay two or more traffic fines.
Suspension of a driver’s license within four (4) years prior to employment for point accumulation.

Special Conditions:
Fire Rescue employees are prohibited from using tobacco products in any form, on or off-duty. Per Florida Statue 633.34, applicant must be a non-user of tobacco or tobacco products for at least one (1) year immediately preceding employment.

General Statement of Position:
This a non-supervisory position which specializes in Fire Rescue operations which include the emergency medical care of sick and injured people and firefighting-related functions. This person works with other Firefighter EMT’s or Firefighter Paramedics and is under the supervision of a Captain or Captain/designee.

Example of Duties:
Performs all functions of a firefighter in the prevention and suppression of fires, performs rescues and extrications from life-threatening circumstances, mitigates hazardous materials, and provides other emergency and non-emergency services as directed by superior officer.
Provides Basic Life Support (BLS) emergency medical care and assists in the delivery of Advanced Life Support (ALS) emergency medical care in accordance with Florida law, EMS protocols, physician written or verbal orders, and in compliance with City and Departmental orders and policies.
Completes checklists, reports, forms, and other legal documents.
Maintains all assigned equipment in proper operating condition.
Monitors and maintains department vehicles in response-ready condition at all times.
Responds to emergency and non-emergency calls as dispatched and completes all required reports.
Participates in required training classes and fitness programs.
Conducts training sessions to departmental personnel as assigned.
Assists students from local schools, including preschool age children, with educational tours at department facilities. Communicates courteously and effectively to all ages.
Performs verbal presentations at schools in a variety of classroom situations as well as to the public in a variety of venues, and interacts with all age groups to present Fire Rescue information and education.
Performs safety reviews of buildings or facilities and prepares pre-fire tactical surveys.
May perform the functions of Fire Equipment Operator (FEO) in a temporary or out-of-class assignment.

Supplemental Information:
Knowledge of Basic and Advanced Life Support EMS practices and principles, and unrestricted physical and mental ability to perform required skills unsupervised under routine and/or extreme emergency conditions.
Knowledge of Firefighter I and Firefighter II skills, and unrestricted physical and mental ability to perform required tasks independently or in concert with others under routine and/or extreme emergency conditions.
Knowledge of hazardous materials response operations at the responder level and unrestricted physical and mental ability to perform required tasks independently or in concert with others under routine and/or extreme emergency conditions.
Knowledge of and unrestricted physical and mental ability to use highly specialized firefighting, rescue, extrication, EMS, and hazardous materials tools and equipment.
Knowledge and ability to safely drive and operate a fire apparatus, rescue unit, or other emergency or non-emergency vehicle as assigned in compliance with Florida law and department guidelines.
Ability to communicate effectively via oral, written, and electronic means.
Ability to live and work cooperatively with teams of personnel while in station, training, and on emergency or non-emergency scenes for extended periods of time.
Ability to understand, to follow, and to comply with orders, protocols, or guidelines under emergency and non-emergency conditions or situations.
Ability to read and understand technical reports, magazines, and texts and to incorporate new information into improving job skills.
Ability to remain calm and perform required skills under extreme emergency conditions including life-threatening circumstances.
Ability to work rotating and/or non-rotating shifts.
Ability to perform other related or non-related emergency or non-emergency tasks or assignments as may be assigned.

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