Photo’s From Last Night’s 3-Story Building Fire in Albany

Dozens of calls poured in for an alarm fire at 381 S. Pearl St. in the City of Albany south end about three blocks from south station where Mayor Kathy Sheehan wanted to close ladder one, one year ago. Arriving units immediately called the signal 30 with heavy smoke showing from all three stories of the building. Crews had a large row house style building approximately half a city block along with one quarter of the building heavily involved in the rear. The large column of smoke and glow could be seen for miles away. Firefighters immediately made entry in to the building to make sure everyone was out. Shortly after learning the everyone was out of the structure the battalion chief immediately ordered everyone out of the building and went into defense of operations calling th second alarm. All four of Albany’s truck companies went into full truck operations on scene within minutes hitting the heavily involved row house with multiple master streams along with multiple engines using their deck guns. Firefighter’s set up multiple portable deck guns on the city streets giving the building a heavy barrage of water. Command requested the third alarm after everything was set up. The rear side of the structure collapsed inwards towards the street. Firefighters continue to darken down the heavy fire trying to prevent it from spreading to anymore of the row houses. Firefighters were moved back as command created a collapse zone as large portion of the building started to fall into the city streets. Multiple mutual aid engines and truck companies from surrounding cities were brought in to assist with calls within the city of Albany. Around 10:30 PM the fire was brought under control. Firefighters had a long exhausting night ahead of them hitting hotspots and picking up a large amount of hose. Fire investigators were on scene and are waiting to enter the building to try to determine the cause of the fire. No injuries have been reported.

Thank you to Sidewinder Productions and Jeffrey Belschwinder for reporting on this incident.

As always stay safe and #TrainOn!

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