Responder RA by Koehler Bright Star

Responder Right Angle Light

by Bright Star

The staff at Hooks and Hooligans has been evaluating the “Responder Right Angle” light from Koehler Bright Star, and are happy to endorse this product. Over the past six month five members have used their light in various settings to include; live fire evolution’s, simulated smoke, and on the job emergency incidents.

The evaluated light is the Responder RA (alkaline model #510304) with LED light head. With fresh batteries this light has a 17 hours of runtime, an incredible output of 220 Lumens/60,000 Candelas, andAd Space (1) a beam distance of 490 meters.

In our collaborative evaluation, we at Hooks and Hooligans feel that the light has set itself apart from all other right angled lights. There were many positives that we found with this light, and have listed several we found to stand out among other lights on the market:

-The Responder light has a large rubber on/off switch on the top right side of the housing which allows you to quickly locate and activate the light with gloved hands, and in low light environments.

-A solid durable clip is located on the rear of the light for easy attachment to jackets, belts, and equipment.


-It is very light weight (under one pound).

It also has a swivel ring on the clip so that a lanyard can be affixed to the light.

-Compared to other similar lights we estimate the light beam to reach approximately 10-15% further at head, chest, and foot level.

While using this light we did receive one note, that we feel is defiantly worthy of mentioning. While doing a fire inspection, the user stated:

“That while trying to look into a small zero visibility space, the light was almost too bright, and the light beam had to be directed away from the object I was trying to look at.”  -Chief Dave Cline

They were able to use the ambient light generated to see the object and read some small lettering.


Overall we are very pleased with this lights performance, and are happy to endorse this product for fire and rescue operations. It is also very reasonably priced, and available at: for only $59.99. If you are interested in purchasing this light, you can CLICK HERE for a direct link to The Fire Store.


Lt. Shirk

Hooks and Hooligans

Product Review

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  1. I have used the responder RA light in several live burns and also on the job and I am very pleased with its performance
    I recent used the light to compare it to others we had on hand in a high smoke low vis controlled burn just to put it to a comparison test and we were well pleased at the out come of the RA you could defiantly see the difference in light beams

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