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Climbing to Remember   As we approach one of the most sacred anniversaries in the fire service, I am reminded that there are young firefighters entering the fire service that were very young or maybe not even born. These young firefighters will not know or understand a fire service prior to 9/11. Remembrance is different for each of us: many ...

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A Fire Chief’s Call to Action

  Who am I here for? The protection of my community first and my firefighters second! As the fire chief, I am truly “my brother’s keeper.”  My firefighters best interests are in my hands. If I am not representing their best interests, who is going to?   Politicians? Finance People? Fire department naysayers? My duty as the Fire Chief is ...

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“Salty the Better”

I was once told by a retired Lieutenant, “One of the best things an old fireman can teach you, is how to become an old fireman.” His statement was followed by silence. I sat and allowed myself to become consumed by the magnitude of what he had said. He was right. How many times had the simple subtle suggestion of ...

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