Woman Calls 911, Shoots at Paramedics, Then Steals the Rescue

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBMA) — An armed woman reportedly fired three rounds at paramedics and stole an ambulance after calling 911 with complaints of “dizziness,” Birmingham fire officials said.


The woman, so far unidentified by police, was picked up by ambulance at Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport Saturday morning.


At some point in the ride, the woman pulled out a gun and fired three shots inside the fire and rescue truck.

“After she fired three shots there was a tussle,” Birmingham Fire Chief Charles Gordon said. “None of our personnel was injured severely.”

The emergency responders managed to get out of the ambulance while the woman went for a what was described as a joy ride.

Police surrounded the ambulance at 4th Avenue West and 3rd Street west. The armed woman was arrested and taken into police custody. No officers were injured.

This is still an evolving story and will be updated.

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